The new legal basis of the BMVI

The federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure, abbreviated BMVI, published a new directive for electronic transportation documents for the transportation of dangerous goods (on roads, rails, and inland waterways). The directives are in force since 01.01.2016 and can be looked up in the “Verkehrsblatt” (Issue 14 from 2015).

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With the new regulation, the legislator provides support to save costs.

Previous situation –  what is going to change

Since 01.01.2016 the inspection staff only requires to have access to documents via a mobile data terminal device. Before the new regulation, carriers were required to carry a printer on board the vehicle, to be able to print the transportation documents at any time.


Additionally, the legislator requires the upload of a content-identical transportation document as a PDF file via a web based TP1-portal on a stationary server (TP1 – Trusted Partner). GBK offers this solution through the GBK-EMTEL® emergency number as a 365/24/7 access.


Via this GBK-EMTEL® emergency number, it is required to attach a note regarding the usage of electronic transportation documents to the vehicle.

Have you already visited our Q&A ?

Have you already visited our Q&A ?

Optimize your process

For all companies with transportations of dangerous goods, the new regulation offers a great opportunity to save costs and renounce the extensive paper version.


Our GBK experts are happy to support you with optimizing your process and assist with the implementation of your TP1-solution with help of the GBK-TP1 portal and the EMTEL® emergency number.

We will show you how to implement electronic transportation documents within the law.

We will show you how to implement the electronic transportation documents within the law

Our solutions regarding the new TP1 directive

Our solutions regarding the new TP1 directive